Debt Recovery

We understand that your debtors are your clients and therefore we believe in resolving the Debt Recovery through friendly negotiations by using proven negotiation skills. We understand and highly appreciate that your debtors are your Business, so, we endeavor to provide a solution which will initiate payments whilst maintaining your strong & friendly relationship with your debtors.

Upon receipt of allocations, a dedicated team of specially trained professionals are deployed to the portfolio. The dedicated team will do the necessary follow ups and contact the debtor with a formal demand by sending series of demand letters and notices for payment. They will also meet debtor in person for friendly negotiations, besides contact via phone/e-mails. All the follow up trails will be updated in our CRM for future reference and the same will also be shared to the client as and when as per the requirements.

This includes the following steps:

Telephonic Negotiations.
Thorough Follow up calls.
Demand Notices.
Skip Tracing.
Field Visits.

Our dedicated team assigned to the client will be responsible to measure the efficiency, monitor Collections and liaise with the clients on ongoing basis thereby ensuring that client expectations with regards to their bad debts recovery, are met.

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