Corporate overview

Parent company Jolly Malayil Ventures(JMV) established businesses in UAE in 1987 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mohamad Rashid Al Taboor Al Nueimi.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Centre's, Hospitality, Trading and Contracting, Telecom, Logistics, Manufacturing are the areas of investment of Mr. Jolly Malayil.

JMV has also entered into Risk and Receivables Management in 2013 by incorporating a company Neil Debt Collection LLC, in RAK with permission from Economy department to start the “Debt Collection” activity in UAE.

Mean time Vodafone Qatar had invited Neil Debt Collection to be their DCA, so we incorporated Neil Debt Collection WLL in Doha, Qatar in 2014 and went live in Sep 2014.

We have decided to have our Group Head Quarters in Dubai for “Debt Collections” and incorporated Neil Management Consultants LLC, in Dubai, UAE.

Further expanding our presence , in 2016 we have incorporated our dedicated office under the name “Neil Management Consultants” in Cochin, Kerala, India